The durable design of Tuff Winch drum anchor winches provides many advantages for boat owners. Their drum anchor winch systems feature a simple mechanism with fewer moving parts that require minimal maintenance over time compared to other anchor winch rope options.

The simple drum anchor winch mechanism also allows for smoother and more controlled anchoring with less strain, aided by the all-steel construction and durable industrial-grade materials.

Owners benefit from the reliable boat drum winch performance in tough marine conditions for many years. With proper care, Tuff Winch’s boat anchor winches and marine anchor winches have earned a reputation for lasting decades, delivering excellent anchor winch value and performance.

Tuff Winch offers a variety of professionally engineered drum anchor winches to suit boats of all sizes. Their heavy-duty drum anchor winch systems provide reliable anchoring performance, especially critical in Australia’s harsh marine environment.

Key Features

All Tuff Winch drum anchor winches feature:

  • Fully galvanised steel chassis and drum for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Self-locking mechanical clutch and brake for smooth and safe winch operation.
  • Option of a heavy-duty battery for powered performance.
  • Fewer moving parts requiring less frequent maintenance compared to anchor winch rope designs.
  • Robust all-steel construction and high-grade materials for years of dependable service.