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100 Met 8 MM Double Braid Rope Kit


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100 Metre 8 MM Double Braid Rope Kit – the perfect solution for anyone seeking a high-quality and durable rope for their boating needs.

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This kit includes a 100-metre-long rope made of premium quality double-braid nylon. 

The braided construction of the rope provides excellent flexibility, making it perfect for use in a range of applications, including winching and block running. Moreover, the rope has been pre-stretched, ensuring optimal performance as a halyard range.

This kit is designed to replace wire or textile rope halyards, providing a safer and more reliable alternative. The rope is easily spliceable, allowing for easy customization and adjustments to suit your individual needs.

The 8 MM Double Braid Rope Kit is also highly resistant to UV radiation, abrasion, and saltwater corrosion, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The black color of the rope enhances its aesthetic appeal, making it a stylish addition to any boat.

Whether you’re a cruising or racing yachtsman, this rope kit is the ideal choice for all your halyard needs. It is flexible, durable, and pre-stretched for optimal performance, making it easy to handle and operate. The kit is also highly versatile, making it suitable for a range of applications, including sailboat rigging, anchor lines, and more.


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